The Importance of Self Love

You are Loved

Be You and Love Yourself Freely

The Battle

We live in a world that’s going through drastic change; apart of this change is to remember the life force of love. The distractions we face, such as wars, terrorists, an outpour of expressed hate can make love unrecognizable. However, love is and will always be the choice to make.

People who learn to accept unworthiness and disapproval dislike themselves and other people more times than not. This disapproval causes conflict within the heart. The battle occurs since it goes against the nature of who you are at your core. At the core of everyone’s heart is the source of the universe, which knows no separation or division. Turning against this truth is turning against yourself and is the cause of conflict, anger, hatred, and so on. People, however, feel stimuli outside themselves to be the culprit of discord, but it is not. The friction is from the nature of the individual’s heart.

Your Karma

Everybody at some point within their lifetime has deemed themselves and other people as shameful, forgetting the fact that learned behavior is the culprit, not the individual. Because people believe they are bad or good, they base their worth on their behavior alone. When people do something wrong, they reject themselves; likewise, their ability to give and receive love without condition.

The same happens when people behave favorably according to their beliefs; they accept themselves and feel loved when their behavior says it’s okay. Culture doesn’t determine the worth of a human being, but it is their existence alone that proves they are worthy. People are deserving because they live, move, and breathe in this universe, period. Everyone has energy they attribute to the whole world, whether it be bad or good. Don’t you want to promote greatness to occur in, through, and around you? If so, it starts and ends with you. Nobody knows what good can come from the seemingly bad, so judge not and be the change you wish to see. Mahatma Gandhi

Discord, hatred, and so on come from the belief that you must be a certain way and do certain things for acceptance and love, but this isn’t the truth. Love is felt and given when recognized from within, bottom line. You see what you are; it’s karma, a universal law.

What is Karma


Karma means action, work, or deed; it also refers to the spiritual law of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. Wikipedia

What You Perceive You Attract

When you perceive in love, you attract more love to and from yourself. When you understand in hate, you attract people, places, and circumstances who also hate. Yes, we can change; however, some changes are more comfortable than others to make. The key is in your ability to remain patient with yourself. As you change internally from unacceptance and division to love, inclusion and equality take place within your own heart. You are reawakening to your spirit and in your truth at this very moment. Love yourself through it.

Be Patient with Yourself

Acknowledge your feelings, yet, examine the emotion to reveal it’s underlying truths. It’s okay if something doesn’t feel right. The sentiment isn’t to frighten you but propel you. Your feelings, once accepted without fear, give you wisdom and clarity along with unparalleled understanding.

Life unfolds in grand ways for you once you honor and love yourself without any comparisons. I want to make myself clear; I am not saying to settle with feelings of unease or to accept behavior that produces harm. I am insisting that acknowledging what you feel without judgment allows your heart to soften and open up. Once your heart is clear, you’re allowing your divine power to flow for your higher good.

It is essential to accept and allow your heart to be revealed to you because you can not heal what you refuse to acknowledge, and the healing happens for you, and then you are free to create a life meaningful from your heart. When you’re full of opinions, there’s no room for the source of light to illuminate you. Choose light to uncover the hardened hearts of darkness by allowing change to take place in your heart first.

Don’t look down on yourself or other people — Believe it or not, everyone is doing the best they can with the wisdom and knowledge they’ve acquired thus far. Every human being at one point and time has done something offensive, so stop punishing yourself. There is no blame only hardened hearts forgetting their ability to express unconditional love.

The Source of Devotion and Love

Love Yourself Wholeheartedly and Without Blame

At the core of every human being is the source of devotion and love, where there’s no division. Turning against this truth is turning against the very essence of life that sustains you. The source of love is maintaining the inflow and outflow of your breath at this moment. Feel the nature of life flow in and through you.

Love yourself wholeheartedly and without blame. Honor your ability to discern with what aligns with your souls’ desires vs. what does not. Follow the flow of least resistance while listening to your hunch as it guides you towards your truth. Remember yourself as the life force of love as it is what sustains you. Show yourself by shining your light of love.

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Life Coach Dee is a Self-Help Blogger, Author, and Founder of Talk Therapy. Download her latest book, Breaking the Curse of Emotional Bondage.

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Dione Howard

Life Coach Dee is a Self-Help Blogger, Author, and Founder of Talk Therapy. Download her latest book, Breaking the Curse of Emotional Bondage.